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Austin Bell is a multidisciplinary creative based out of Los Angeles & New York.

His approach to Creative Endeavors is informed by a collection of unique experiences creating a desire to be a creative Swiss army knife.

Growing up on a tour bus & flying around on world tours, led to an immersive knowledge of music & fashion industry at a young age - as well as a cultural worldview that most people don't experience until much later in life.

Austin was Surrounded by Artists, photographers, Managers, Publicist, and labels consistently that inevitably gave him a dream to pursuit something within the same world. 


Throughout the years Austin received the incredible opportunity to be thrown into roles that no kid should be thrown into and forced to figure it out. By 15 Austin had an expansive knowledge of live directing, Tour routing, managing artists, photography, and a cultural worldview. 


by 2017 Austin's vast experiences led him to work with some of the biggest names in the industry as a photographer. However, that wasn't enough; Austin was set out to learn every facet of the creative industry. 

Quickly he surrounded himself with 

What’s next for Austin Bell? With 2022 seeing an ever-increasing number of digital campaigns, the music industry being more transient than ever, and web3 rapidly approaching. Austin hopes to continue to be on the forefront on intersecting music and brand. 

Continually learning and 

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